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Player Report

Post by Kitteh on Mon Jun 22, 2015 8:28 am

In-game name: Kitty
Reporting: Tesaria
Reason: Harassment/Grief

Extra: Basically, we had a minor argument, which concluded after about 5 minutes...Pych witnessed it, and confirmed my Rod of Discord was not hacked. This, for some reason or another, triggered the player "Tesaria" bad enough for him to constantly pursue and "secretly" harass me. He's used "/monstergamble" near me to kill me about 3 times, admitting he enjoys trying to ruin other player's fun, that he was a "troll", and liked making other players miserable. I believe this to be a lie, as he wasn't keen on the idea before the argument. I believe he's just trying to focus on spiting me personally because of the said argument. I want nothing to do with him, and have dropped all other communication with him, and he still tries to harass me even as I write this report.

I have many screenshots of yet another argument he's tried starting with me. The screenshots show that he does admin to purposely spawning mobs near me in order to kill me so that I lose my "/bank bal", and is doing it to harass/grief me.


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