Drop rates and other random suggestions/thoughts

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Drop rates and other random suggestions/thoughts

Post by Kitteh on Mon Jun 22, 2015 9:46 am

Hello! I've come to play this server quite a while now, learn the drop rates, available items, etc., and personally feel some of the drops could be re-vamped. I'm making this table for personal opinion only, and if Pych agrees with my decision then I'd love for him to use it, and if not then this is just only my mindset, and something I'm making to pass the time. (I do not know ALL of the drop rates, if I list something already added I apologize.)

Drops suggestions -
Spirit Forest: (Nothing for now. May edit later. Not sure on the drops thus far.)

Hardmode Dungeon:

Corruption: I like this biome, the drops are fun and well placed. I think as a cute drop the "Slimer" should be able to drop Demon Wings. His appearance already looks like he's wearing them, so it would be a cute/fun rare drop.

Snow: The Snow Queen...is an interesting one. Half the time she's easy as can be, other times she's a malicious demon! She rarely spawns, in comparison to the other bosses, but that may be due to the lack of time people spend in the snow biome. I'd love to see her drops buffed a bit. She puts up quite the fight, and yet she drops a weapon with 13 damage? I'd like to think bosses should drop weapons you could actually use against them...that being said, I think an item such as the "Ice Sickle" would be a far more worthy drop. It has 40 damage, and still fits the 'ice' theme of it all. I'd also suggest the ranged/mage counterparts which would be the "Ice Bow" and "Frost Staff", both coming in at about the 40 damage mark, like the Ice Sickle.

Dungeon: The Skeleton King has a great design, I love the entire battle...however his drop table is a bit odd. He has a chance to drop a Terra Blade, which is one of the most overpowered drops in this server. It makes melee over-rule every other combat stance. I would suggest for him to only drop the "Broken Hero's Sword" at a slightly higher drop rate as Terra Blade is now, but completely removing Terra Blade from the list. The "Flesh Overlord" already drops the "True Night's Edge", but with that being a material in the Terra Blade, its a wasted drop. The reasoning would be; to craft the Terra Blade you have to overcome both the Flesh Overlord, and obtain his sword, as well as kill the Skeleton King for the other material to craft the Terra Blade, giving both of these bosses hugely useful drops, and another reason to continue farming them. As this is a huge nerf to him, I'd also like to see him drop a decent mage/ranged weapon, to give both of those classes more "use", and to replace that horrible "War Axe of the Night" which is useless to anyone who can kill the Skeleton king, my suggestion would be to add the "Magnet Sphere" and "Sniper Rifle"

Extra Dungeon:
Crimson: Each monster should have roughly a 1/150 chance to drop a Soul of Night. This would not only make the "extra dungeon" a million times more valuable, but many other players would look to trying their best to enter and farm this dungeon far more often, giving them many more hours of playtime thrown in. There are so many items that require these souls, but I also don't feel they're valuable enough to be a "boss" drop.

Hallow: Same as crimson, except Soul of Light.

Spooky(?): The bosses that spawn there are INCREDIBLY buffed, and hard to kill. I'd love for them to still drop their normal-Terraria respective drops, albeit at a much lower rate, maybe 1/1000 each? Most of the time I'm not at all able to kill these bosses without dying, or having to teleport away, so I feel they should have their drop table buffed slightly. I'd also suggest each monster in this biome to drop a few "Spooky Wood", the set of armor takes tons of the wood, so having a few drop here and there would be a huge improvement to this biome. EDIT: Also I don't think there;s much of a point for these mobs to drop souls of night or flight, at a 1/1000 rate, you'll probably never see this drop anyways.

HM_Dungeon Corruption -
Add ~ Demon Wings (ID 492) [0.5% drop rate]

HM_Dungeon Snow -
Ice Queen:
Add ~ Ice Sickle (ID 1306), Ice Bow (ID 725), Frost Staff (ID 726) [20% drop rate each]
Remove ~ Ice Blade (ID 724)

HM_Dungeon Dungeon -
Skeleton King:
Add ~ Broken Hero's Sword (ID 1570), Magnet Sphere (ID 1266), Sniper Rifle (ID 1254) [5% drop rate each]
Remove ~ Terra Blade (ID 757), War Axe of the Night (ID 45)

Extra Dungeon Crimsom -
All mobs:
Add ~ Soul of Night (ID 521) [0.67% drop rate]

Extra Dungeon Hallow -
All mobs:
Add ~ Soul of Light (ID 520) [0.67% drop rate]

Extra Dungeon Spooky -
All mobs:
Add ~ Spooky Wood (ID 1729) [8% drop rate]
Remove ~ Soul of Night (ID 521)
Remove ~ Soul of Flight (ID 575)

Spooky Food:
Restore respective drops with 1/1000 drop rate each;
Add ~ The Horseman's Blade (ID 1826), Bat Scepter (ID 1801), Black Fairy Dust (ID 1811), Spider Egg (ID 1798), Candy Corn Rifle (ID 1782) + Candy Corn x 50-100 (ID 1783), Jack 'O Lantern Launcher (ID 1784) + Explosive Jack 'O Lantern x 25-50 (ID 1785), Pumpking Trophy (ID 1856), Raven Staff (ID 1802) [0.10% drop rate each]

Possessed Tree:
Add ~ Cursed Sapling (ID 1837), Spooky Twig (ID 1831), Spooky Hook (ID 1829), Necromantic Scroll (ID 1845), Stake Launcher (ID 1835) + Stake x 30-60 (ID 1836), Mourning Wood Trophy (ID 1855) [0.10% drop rate each]

That's all for now, if my ideas are taken seriously, I can always add more thoughts later, thanks for reading!


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