Just a small note.

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Just a small note.

Post by Pychnight on Tue Jun 23, 2015 12:03 am

This is a fan site of celestial star valley, I have no real control over this forum. there are currently 2 fan sites online.

There is no real offical website currently, I will be buying web hosting soon though Smile

I will be Implementing revamp 2.5 soon to the server, this contains some intended changed to make it loot more enjoyable.

Upcoming Changes (Next Restart, that's not a crash)

All hardmode extended monsters now drop orbs at much higher rate (up from 0.01 to 0.1)
All Hardmode Extended monsters now only drop Orbs Releated to there Element
Removed Tera Blade and War Axe from loot drops of the Skeleton King
Skeleton King now drops Skeleton Guardian Pet
Skeleton King now drops Broken Sword
Skeleton King now drops Depth Meter and much more..
Skeleton Sniper now spawns during the Skeleton Army Invasion and drops the "Sniper Rifle at 0.4%
Scary Food is now Spooky Food in name. (Kitty Suggestion)
492 Item id now drops from Slimers in the HM_dungeon at a 0.3% drop rate (Kitty Suggestion)
Possessed Tree should now drop all of it's normal loot at a lower rate
Nerfed Possessed Tree's Defence Values and lowered it's HP, Also spawns it's default loot at a lower rate
Nerfed Spooky Food Defence Values and lowered it's HP
Nerfed Ice Queen Defence Values and lowered it's HP

All of the old hard mode dungeon bosses Revisited (Zari, Mad Eye, Queen Bee, Ice Queen, Skeleton King)

Spirit King Activated
Spirit Invasion Activated

Update Hardmode Dungeon Loot Document to match ingame drops.

My current focus is Improving the server and making it more enjoyable, I except the changes above will hit the main server in a few days.   Surprised

The Offical site will be at cvstarsvalley unless someone else comes up with a better team name, the Development team behind Celestial stars Valley is called CV Stars Dev (short for Celestial valley Stars Developers


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